In our wide range of industrial hoses and fittings, we provide superior products adapted to the most demanding needs of the industry. Whether your requirements are related to the transfer of water, oil, oil derivatives, hydraulic oil, abrasive materials, technical gases or any other media in the chemical, food, construction or automotive industry, you are at the right place with us.

The wide range of our offer guarantees finding the ideal solution for your needs.

Rubber hoses for water and air

Gumena crijeva za vazduh armirana jednostrukim ili dvostrukim tekstilnim opletom, za radni pritisak 10 ili 20bar, u varijantama LL (LONG LENGTH) do DN25 (1”) ili u buntovima 40m za prečnike do DN50 (2”). Druge izvedbe za veće pritiske i veće prečnike po narudžbi.

Rubber hoses for cooling systems, hot water and steam. The extension of these hoses is possible with various types and combinations of connections and reductions that we also offer. High pressure rubber hoses (200-300bar) for cleaning sewage.

Rubber hoses for oil and oil derivatives

These hoses are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions, including high pressure and a wide range of temperatures, thus ensuring the safe transportation of oil, gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products. We offer pressure hoses for SAE 100 R6 hydraulic oils from PRIMA-HOSE and suction-pressure hoses for hydraulic oils with a steel spiral: smooth from SEL and corrugated from CIDAT, as well as hoses for petrol guns.

Rubber hoses for abrasive materials

Rubber hoses for abrasive materials are specially designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by the transport of abrasive particles such as sand, gravel, lime or mining waste.

We offer rubber hoses for sandblasting and suction-push hoses for abrasive materials (sand, cement, mortar, lime, etc.) manufactured by PRIMA-HOSE and SEL.

Rubber hoses for technical gases

Quality rubber hoses for technical gases play a key role in ensuring the integrity of the gas distribution system, thus minimizing the risks of leakage and ensuring a stable supply of technical gases in various industrial sectors. We offer rubber hoses for LPG, propane-butane, acetylene, oxygen, cooling devices and other technical gases, manufactured by PRIMA-HOSE, SEL and CIDAT.

gumeno crijevo

Rubber hoses for food industry

Rubber hoses for the food industry are specially designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards and regulations. They are made of materials that are safe for contact with food and do not transfer smell, taste or harmful substances to food. We offer rubber hoses for milk, edible oil, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages from PRIMA-HOSE, SEL and CIDAT.

PVC hoses

PVC hoses are resistant to abrasion, chemicals and corrosion, making them ideal for transporting a variety of fluids, including water, oil, chemicals and air. Thanks to its flexibility, PVC hoses are easily shaped and placed in different configurations, thus facilitating many industrial processes such as liquid transfer, air pressure or suction. We offer PVC hoses for various purposes: for hydraulic oils, drinking or waste water, food and chemical industry, pressure or suction pressure, manufactured by MERLETT or CIDAT

Hoses for the automotive industry

Our portfolio of high quality hoses for the automotive industry offers everything you need to maintain top functionality. From hoses for air conditioners that maintain the optimal temperature inside your vehicle, all the way to hoses for car radiators that ensure efficient cooling of the engine. We also offer hoses for power steering for flawless precision and control when driving, and hoses for lifting the cabin, which ensure the smooth operation of raising the cabin of your vehicle. Every hose we offer is made of the highest quality materials, following the highest standards of the auto industry, so you can have complete confidence in performance and safety.

PA & PU hoses for water and air

PA hoses are known for their durability and resistance to abrasion, which makes them ideal for transporting water under high pressure or air in demanding conditions. On the other hand, PU hoses combine durability and flexibility, often used to convey compressed air or water in environments where high mobility is required. We offer polyamide and polyurethane hoses for compressed air in bundles or as spiral hoses up to L=30m (working length 15m), of various diameters and colors, manufactured by ZEC, as well as polyurethane hoses for dusting or PVC hoses with a wear-resistant polyurethane layer for different media produced by MERLETT or CIDAT.

Suction hoses

Suction hoses from the Superflex series are polyurethane (PU) hoses with a copper or galvanized steel spiral, for suction and transport of air, dust, sawdust and easily abrasive material. We offer suction hoses with a diameter of up to 350 mm, versions of up to 600 mm are available according to the needs of the clients.


Hose clamps

Hose clamps are available in different sizes and designs to suit different needs, ensuring a tight fit and preventing fluid leakage. In industry, clamps are used to connect hoses for the transport of water, gases, oil or other fluids, thus maintaining the integrity of the system and ensuring safe transport. In our offer, you will find various clamp types up to diameter 300mm.

Flexible stainless steel pipes

Made of high-quality stainless steel (inox), these pipes combine durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for the transport of various fluids in demanding conditions. Their flexibility allows for easier shaping and installation, thus facilitating adaptation to different configurations and reducing the need for joints. Flexible stainless steel pipes are often used in industries such as the chemical industry, pharmacy and food industry, where hygiene and durability of the material are important. We offer pipes reinforced from the outside with INOX mesh with a diameter of 6mm to 100mm, and we provide larger diameters and special applications upon customer's request