Explore our wide range of hydraulic components tailored to your hydraulic needs! From gear pumps, electric motors, bell housings, couplings to filters and valves - we offer a large selection of products from renowned European manufacturers. We guarantee top quality and reliability in every component we offer.

With our products, your hydraulic systems will achieve optimal functionality and performance.

Electric motors

Single-phase and three-phase electric motors, powers of 0.25-2.2kW (single-phase) and 0.18-35kW (three-phase) in B3 and/or B5 variants (with feet and/or flange), class F, protection IP55.

Gear pumps

Hydraulic gear pumps, group 1, 2 or 3, with conical shaft 1:8, left or right, capacity from 1.1 cm3/rev (group 1) to 55 cm3/rev (group 3). Spare sealing sets for maintenance. Special designs to order.

Bell housings and couplings

Aluminum bell housings and couplings for the connection of electric motor and pump and transmission of torque, for gear pumps of groups 1, 2 and 3 and electric motors of appropriate power. Spare rubber inserts for torque couplings.

Filters, level gauges & filling plugs

Housings and filling plugs for return and line filters for hydraulic systems, filling plugs with breather for hydraulic oil tanks and level gauges with or without thermometer. Gauge glass ("eye") with BSP thread from 1/4" to 2".

Manual ball valves

2 and 3-way ball valves with BSP thread 1/4" to 1"

Manual directional valves

Manual directional valves with one or more handles, threaded BSP 3/8" (flow 45 lit.) and 1/2" (flow 60 lit.).

Flow control valves

Hydraulic valves for pressure limitation, non-return and double non-return valves, with or without pilot control, different designs (block or line) and different flow rates.

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves NG6 (CETOP 3) and NG10 (CETOP 5) of different hydraulic functional schemes, with solenoids for different voltages (12V, 24V, 110V, 220V). Spare solenoids.

Pressure and vacuum gauges

Pressure gauges filled with glycerin, Ø63mm, connection BSP 1/4", radial and axial, with or without mounting flange, different measuring ranges max. up to 1000bar.
Vacuum meters filled with glycerine, Ø63mm, connection BSP 1/4", radial.
In addition to pressure and vacuum gauges, we also offer safety taps BSP 1/4", straight and at an angle of 90°.
Other versions (different diameters, connections, three-color scales) on order.

Hydraulic pressure switches

Electric switches for control based on pressure change with the possibility of regulation from 5 to 400 bar.

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