Hydraulic cylinders

New cylinders

In addition to the overhaul of cylinders, our offer also includes the manufacture of completely new hydraulic cylinders.

Either according to the existing drawings of the client, according to a joint design with the client or according to a sample, we produce new hydraulic cylinders by metal processing and manufacturing of sealing elements.

The first stage of production includes the production of pipes, pistons, seals, connections and other components that will make up the hydraulic cylinder. The materials used in this process are often high-quality steel or other materials that are resistant to high pressures and extreme working conditions.

After making the parts, comes the assembly phase. The parts are carefully assembled into a complete hydraulic cylinder. During this process, special attention is paid to proper sealing and adjustment of components to ensure the safety and reliability of the cylinder.

After assembly, testing follows. The cylinder undergoes various tests to check its functionality, safety and durability. This includes pressure, speed and seal testing, i.e. the cylinder's ability to perform its intended function and meet specifications and quality standards.

Besides the precision, expertise and attention to detail, we offer as well a wide selection of materials for connecting rods, pistons and tubes, as well as always an adequate selection of sealing elements.

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