Hydraulic cylinders

Sealing elements

Proper choice of sealing material as well as dimensions (preload!) are key factors for the efficiency and longevity of your sealing elements.

We quickly and efficiently produce seals produced by turning on a CNC machine in optimal dimensions and materials for your needs.

Selection of an adequate material usually depends on the medium, temperature and pressure in the hydraulic system. Our offer includes about 40 different elastomers, thermoplastics, as well as materials with special additives for special purposes.

After proper material selection, the CNC machine is programmed to produce the seal according to precise technical specifications. Programming includes determining the dimensions, shape and other characteristics of the seal. The CNC machine then uses this information to process the material and shape it into the desired sealing element.

The SML 500e of the Austrian company Sealmaker, a CNC machine specially designed for the production of sealing elements, guarantees high manufacturing precision. The software is also adapted for the production of seals. Its simplicity in programming enables high manufacturing efficiency.

After the sealing element is manufactured, a detailed quality control is carried out to ensure that the dimensions and surface of the seal are in accordance with the technical specifications. This is a key step to ensure optimal sealing functionality and prevent leakage.

We use the experience and material of the Austrian company Sealmaker, which is one of the world leaders in the field of sealing technology.

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