Discover a wide range of pneumatic products adapted to the most demanding needs! Available in various sizes and shapes, our pneumatic hoses are adaptable to your needs – they can be straight or spiral, and manufactured with variable wall thicknesses to ensure exceptional pressure resistance.

The pneumatic hoses in our program are manufactured from a variety of materials such as rubber, plastic and synthetic materials, selected according to the type of media to be transported and the environmental conditions in which they are used. The range also includes different types of connections adapted to the different requirements and needs of your pneumatic system.

In our offer, you will find only products from renowned manufacturers such as CIDAT, SEL, ZEC, MERLET - we guarantee top quality and reliability so that your pneumatic system works perfectly.

Gumena crijeva za pneumatiku

Gumena crijeva za vazduh armirana jednostrukim ili dvostrukim tekstilnim opletom, za radni pritisak 10 ili 20bar, u varijantama LL (LONG LENGTH) do DN25 (1”) ili u buntovima 40m za prečnike do DN50 (2”).

Other designs for higher pressures and larger diameters on request. Connecting these hoses is possible with various types and combinations of connectors and reducers.

PA i PU crijeva za pneumatiku

Polyamide and polyurethane hoses in bundles or as spiral hoses up to L=30m (working length 15m), of different diameters and colors.

In combination with CAMOZZI and LUDECKE connections and reductions, numerous connection combinations are possible.

PVC hoses

This type of hose is made of PVC material, which makes them durable and resistant to abrasion, cracks and twisting. PVC material is resistant to corrosion and weather conditions, which makes them ideal for use in various industries such as the food industry, in construction projects, in agriculture for irrigation, etc.

Piključci za pneumatiku

Pneumatic connections are one of the key elements of pneumatic systems. They allow connecting pneumatic components, such as cylinders, valves, nozzles and others, to create a unique pneumatic system. Pneumatic fittings are available in various sizes, shapes and materials, depending on the needs and requirements of the application. For connecting polyamide to polyurethane hoses, we offer a wide selection of couplings and reductions for connecting from manufacturers Aignep and Camozzi. For rubber and PVC hoses, we offer solutions from the manufacturer Lüdecke.

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