Are you looking for power that precisely and reliably drives industrial processes? With our wide range of pneumatic cylinders, we open the door to endless automation possibilities. Whether it's speed, precision or power, pneumatic cylinders manufactured by Aignep and Camozzi are synonymous with outstanding performance and long service life.

Pneumatic cylinders

The offer includes different versions of pneumatic cylinders manufactured by Aignep and Camozzi, with or without a magnetic piston, with or without cushioning at the ends of the stroke, and various combinations of cylinder mounts (front and rear yokes and rod ends).

Diameters and strokes of the cylinders according to the customer's needs.

Sealing elements

When choosing pneumatic seals, it is important to consider factors such as pressure, temperature and material of the pneumatic components. Also, it is important to choose seals that are compatible with the working medium, such as chemicals or liquids, to ensure a permanent and reliable seal. We produce all kinds of gaskets from various high-quality materials (NBR, EPDM, H-PU, VITON, SILICONE, TEFLON, TEFLON WITH ADDITIONS OF GRAPHITE, GLASS OR BRONZE) for the manufacture and overhaul of pneumatic cylinders. 


We also offer a large selection of elements for the manufacture of pneumatic cylinders: pistons, yokes, rod ends, bearings...

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