Eliminate dirt, moisture and unwanted particles from your pneumatic system with the help of preparation groups. This technology ensures dry, clean air, longevity of your pneumatic components and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Also, our wide range of valves enables precise air flow management, quick state changes and flawless control over every part of your pneumatic system.

Air preparation

Air preparation components, such as filters, regulators and oil separators, are used to prepare the air before it enters the pneumatic system. Filters remove particles, dust and other impurities from the air, while regulators control air pressure. Oil separators are used to remove oil from the air to prevent damage to pneumatic components. In our offer you can find complete preparation groups, which include filters, pressure regulators and lubricators, both individually and in their mutual combinations, for different degrees of filtration and regulation according to customer needs.


We offer different types of mechanical, pneumatic and electromagnetic valves, as well as their various combinations, manufactured by Aignep and Camozzi. Valves are available in different sizes and configurations to meet different needs and applications.

Valves from other manufacturers at the customer's request.

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